"Coaching with Chris Richards was really helpful, he is a great listener and quickly honed in on the challenges I was facing with mindset and burnout

His advice and guidance provided me with the clarity I needed to move forward with confidence"
Brad Hart
Entrepreneur - Make More Marbles

why you're here...

"Sometimes we find people that are so incredibly generous and kind that it restores a tremendous amount of faith of the goodness in the world.

I hired Chris Richards not to show me HOW to do things, but to become a ridiculously capable leader.

Well... actually mostly to grow myself out of my people pleasing, conflict averse, structure avoiding ways.

And damn... That a great decision!"
kiva schuler
Founder / CEO - The Jai Institute for Parenting

The ASPIRE Mastermind

We understand that everyone has a their own needs and desires when it comes to their personal growth, but we also understand that some people “speak through their thoughts” and work best when they can learn from an expert, but also bounce ideas around equally smart and high-achieving professionals. That’s why our Hybrid Accelerator is perfect for increasing: – clarity – performance – confidence – leadership – decisiveness – productivity – collective morale – and much more, …with the added bonus benefits of executive one-to-one coaching when the need requires it.
"I once wanted to be a coach making $20K a month...

Now that $20K a month is my monthly payroll for my employees!

I'm now on trajectory to create my first 7-figure year, I was on the cover of America Airlines magazine, filmed a TV show, and had many powerful breakthroughs along the way.

I attribute a lot of that success to Chris Richards"
Sanyika Street
Business and Leadership Mentor - The ALL-IN CEO

Corporate Training, Seminars & Workshops

For Businesses that would prefer to receive online or in-person training, seminars or workshops, there are multiple packages available to suit your needs (ranging from 1 hour to multiple days, for a variety of subjects and outcomes). Subjects include but are not limited to: – Peak Performance – Step-by-Step Methods to Achieve Maximum Results. – Influence and Impact – The Science and Art – Advanced Leadership – Understanding Connection – Driving Culture Change & Cultivating Better Communication – Problem Solving through Solution-Based Thinking
"I had so many mental blocks. It was all with good intentions but I was self-sabotaging by listening to too many people.

Thank you Chris Richards for taking my spaghetti noodle brain, and breaking things down in a way that enabled me to take massive action! I appreciate you so so much!"
Veronika abrams
Entrepreneur and Business Owner

who is Chris Richards

A certified coach, trainer, speaker and hypnotherapist, I love having the opportunity to positively impact and transform people’s lives.

That enjoyment is increased exponentially when those people are leaders themselves, and the positive growth is able to ripple outwards to others as well.

As well as having a wealth of expertise and experience in psychology, I have also developed a very special hypnosis method which combines the best of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Neurology and evidence-based Positive Reinforcement Conditioning.

The results were astounding and immediate.

Armed with the new Positive Reinforcement Hypnotherapy (PRH), we are able to help anyone recreate themselves however they choose. Normally this is impacted by a person’s fears and doubts, but using PRH, the brain’s neuroplasticity welcomes the change as it now feels good to have the positive beliefs which were once questioned or over-analysed.

Combined with Psychology Coaching and Training, this enables us to work together and create a reality of yourself that provides you with maximum effectiveness and personal power.

Through proven methods I will quickly locate the source of your challenge and completely remove it, leaving you to grow without limitations, into the person your were meant to be.

And when I’m not working with Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Executives, I’m usually either honing my skills, expanding my knowledge around positive growth and transformation, or working with my favourite charities around the world.

It’s fair to say that I am very enthusiastic about helping people in every way I can, and I doubt that will ever change.

Anything I can do to improve the world for my children and show them what’s possible, by my own example.

Which bring me neatly onto my primary drver in everything I do, my family and amazing wife.

They take pride of place in the photo below and

"The Future Depends on What You Do Today"
- Mahatma Gandhi