Unfulfilled Potential?


I don’t know about you, but these words have been like a splinter in my mind for more years than I can count.

Throughout my School days, Army Career and now as a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist, I was stuck with the unshakeable feeling that I had a reservoir of massive untapped potential.

…Like a superpower that I had yet to be unleashed in a freak accident with a vat of genetically engineered toxic waste because “it wasn’t the right time”, and I should just be patient.

But there was a problem… Not just with how much B.S. this statement was, and not just for the obvious reason that Health and Safety laws make it so hard to get your hands on toxic waste these days! 

But, I digress…

On one hand, I truly believed in my (potential) greatness, on the other I was doing “everything I could” within the realms of what was realistic in my current circumstances…

That meant Fitness goals, Business goals, and General Life goals were never reached because I just didn’t have enough time, knowledge and support.

I mean, those big players who smashed it at a younger age just had better parents, more money, the right mentors, a serendipitous career that guided them piece by piece to where they needed to be, or even a particular hardship which shaped them in just the right way to create their ideal environment for growth… and what did I have… well, not what they did, that was for sure!

Yes, I know, I know…

Of course, this was crap, but if you are still reading this, then it’s possible you’re thinking about comparisons which you’ve made or some go-to excuse as to why you didn’t do that thing you wanted to do and knew you should be doing…

When I entered Personal Development “as a bright-eyed, wet behind the ears, newbie”, I thought I find a mentor who would take me by the hand and guide me to my greatness as it always seemed to be the way in those movies I watched growing up… (ok… last night… whatever).

But the fact of the matter is that you will have mentors in your life… but they may not be as obvious as you think so you have to keep your eyes open…

In my life, they have taken the form of people who would see me burn and certain “friends” who at best showed indifference towards me. .. But if I think for even a second, I know I also have incredible role models and friends in my life…. so that’s not it.

As for “not enough time”, well, this one is simple… I was scared.

I mean, down to my bones, still feeling like a child in an adult’s body, terrified… But why? Honestly, it’s because part of me had an honestly held belief, deep down of…

“Who am I to do be something great?… I’m just me, I make mistakes, I piss people off and no matter how hard I try to do something, I always get smashed in the face from a direction I didn’t see coming”

BUT… At a certain point, you just have to pull up your grown-up pants, take life by the throat and decide that no matter the doubts, the setbacks and the painfully slow progress, you’ll never stop pushing forwards.

Because, and you might want to remember this bit…
We only get One Body, One Mind, and One Shot at this thing called LIFE… and every single second you spend is one you will never get back.

Make them count.

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